Pressure Reducers

Pressure Reducers

Emmeti Eco Range

Emmeti has developed a membrane pressure reducer with a balanced diaphragm construction. This design ensures a high stability of outlet pressures, regardless of variations in the upstream pressure.

The diaphragm is made of a synthetic material with a low friction coefficient, reducing the formation of limescale buildup, which is a main cause of installation failure.

The valve mechanism is ‘drop tight’ in compliance with EN1567. This means that water pressure on the downstream side of the valve will not creep up, even when water is not flowing through the valve.

The diaphragm assembly allows easy servicing and replacement, without the need to remove the whole body. The ECO range outlet pressure adjustment is concealed below a snap-on cap for additional security.

The ECO range has a choice of two body styles, one for compression sealing in DN15 and DN20 sizes and one for flat faced union sealing in 3/4″,1″ and new 11/4″ sizes featuring internal and external BSP threads for reduced stockholding.

These two together with a wide range of connectors offers comprehensive connection options from 15mm right up to 11/4″M

Gauge ports are included on both sides, 1/4″ BSP female, for reading the downstream set pressure.

Emmeti recommend the fitting of a particulate filter upstream of the pressure reducer, thus increasing the service intervals and the life of the product.