Remote Sensors

Remote Sensors

Remote Sensors

Emmeti Remote thermostat sensors

Suitable for use with 230V and 24V electronic Thermostats - see table below for details of compatibility. Cased versions must be connected using cable of 1.5mm² minimum cross-sectional area.

Description Emmeti Sales Code Suitable for Emmeti Sales Code
Remote NTC 4.7k sensor with casing no lead U9132012

Electronic dial room thermostat 24V with LED

Electronic dial room thermostat 230V with LED



Remote NTC 4.7k sensor without casing 1.5m lead


Tamperproof room thermostat 230V

Tanperproof room thermostat 24V




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Product no.: RS1-C

Emmeti Remote sensor with casing, no lead

NTC 4.7k 

£6.11 *

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can be shipped within 1 to 3 days

Product no.: RSTA

Reliance Water Controls RSTA100050 Remote Sensor and Housing

£9.70 *

In stock
can be shipped within 01-Mar days

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