Calmag SI-CALCOMBI 15mm & 22mm Magnetic & Electrolytic Scale Inhibitor

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CalCombi is a totally unique scale inhibitor that combines two scale inhibiting technologies into one. The first technology is the use of a magnetic bar to induce a single polarity into the water. This causes the calcium and magnesium (limescale) particles to take on the same polarity. The particles then repel each other, and as a result prevent the formation of hard limescale. The second technology is the use of zinc plates which create the same reaction as a magnet. Once water passes over the plates and the inner copper body of the unit, a single polarity is induced into the water supply. This then prevents the formation of hard limescale. In addition, the zinc plates slowly release minute particles into the water supply which prevents corrosion by removing all the air in the system. For a description of the symptoms of corrosion, please click here.

For more information on how our scale inhibitors work please click here.

CalCombi can be fitted in two places. The first is on a central heating system to stop corrosion and the second is on cold water mains to prevent the formation of hard limescale.

CalCombi is also suitable for fitting on both 15mm and 22mm pipework, making it very versatile. The unit is supplied with push-fit fittings, making it very simple to install! Once the unit has been installed you can sit back and relax as it will continue to work day and night without the need for regular maintenance.

CalCombi comes with a lifetime guarantee on parts. For more details please click here.

After Installation you should notice the following effects?

1. Any hard limescale that has formed around taps, sinks etc, will begin to soften with regular contact with treated water. This will make it much easier to clean.

2. Shower heads will be become descaled over time. Initially, showerheads may become blocked with loose limescale debris (often the case with electric showers). To solve this, simply remove the shower head and rinse out the debris.

3. After several months your hot water system will gradually become more efficient. Eventually you should be able to lower the water temperature and make considerable savings over the year. For more information on how limescale can affect the efficiency of your heating system please click here.

For more information on CalCombi, including comparisons to competitors products please click here.

If you require CalCombi to fit to larger pipework please click here.


Length 150mm - 22mm unit
190mm - 15mm unit
Diameter 32mm
Colour/material Nickel plated copper
Connections 22mm push fit with
15mm push fit adaptor
Maximum working pressure 12 Bar (168psi)
Tested to 20 Bar (280psi)
Maximum temperature 70°C
Maximum flow rate 1.08 l/sec (14 gpm)

CalCombi will not keep your kettle scale free. All scale inhibitors rely on water flow to prevent hard limescale formation. Since there is no water flow in a kettle, soft limescale will still form. In order to prevent limescale build up in your kettle, Calmag recommend the use of the following products; CalSlim R  and CalFresh CR.


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